Central airconditioning systems


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Central airconditioning systems

For bigger office buildings and hotels where a lot of spaces are being cooled and heated simultaneously, a solution with a VRF heating pump is most ideal.

Most important is that every room has to have the option to be set independent to meet the specific requirements of each user.

Total solution:

A total solution where energy flows between spaces can be exchanged mutually which allows for huge energy savings. The excess heat or cold can be delivered to the outside air through outdoor units. The hot and cold necessities within the building can be organised by many clients:

  • Floor cooling and floor heating systems
  • Internal units for mounting in the ceiling, on the ceiling, against the wall or on the floor
  • Satellite units connected on multiple areas and multiple grills
  • Heat exchangers in air treatment units
  • Heating from tap water

The different indoor airconditioning units are:

wandunit 3 cassette unit

Airconditioning wall units

Various models of quiet airconditioning wall units with modern design.

Airconditioning cassette units

The four sided or even 360˚ blowing airconditioning cassette units for integration in lowered ceilings don’t stand out in a room and also have a great air distribution.


Airconditioning floor units

These airconditioning units can be mounted on the floor and on the ceiling.

Airconditioning satellite units

These airconditioning satellite units can be connected to ducts and grills. Therefore the unit is no longer visible and we are able to select which design and air pattern is most preferable based on the customer’s preferences.