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CO2 heating pump for hot tap water

Unitherm is able to offer very energy efficient CO2 heating pump installations which are often needed in buildings with institutions, hotels or associations. Like with heating pump technology as being used with the cooling and heating of buildings, we are also able to supply turnkey solutions to also heat with CO2.

  • Hot tapwater between 65˚C and 90˚C without additional electrical heating even with low temperatures
  • Natural and environment friendly refrigerant CO2
  • Up to 6 times more energy efficient than a gasfired boiler
  • Up to 50{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924} less CO2 emmission than a gas fired boiler
  • Available in different models varying from 3,000 to 100,000 liter per day
  • User friendly touch screen controller
  • Hot water usage and the availability of hot tap water are presented easily on a display
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