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Individual Airconditioning Systems

With individual airconditioning systems, also called split systems, every indoor unit is connected to one outdoor unit. This results in individual control and a high measure of reliability.

Outdoor units airconditioning

Outdoor airconditioning units are known for having a very silent operation.


The various possible indoor unit airconditioning models are:

wandunit 3 cassette unit

Airconditioning wall unit

Various models of quiet airconditioning wall units with modern design.

Airconditioning cassette units

The four sided or even 360˚ blowing airconditioning cassette units for integration in lowered ceilings don’t stand out in a room and also have a great air distribution.


Airconditioning floor units

These airconditioning units can be mounted on the floor and on the ceiling.

Airconditioning satellite units

These airconditioning satellite units can be connected to ducts and grills. Therefore the unit is no longer visible and we are able to select which design and air pattern is most preferable based on the customer’s preferences.


Unitherm only uses brands which extinguish themselves in favourable energy performance, reliable functioning and ease of use.


Smartphone control

Some systems can be equipped with the possibility to be controlled through a smartphone. This is very convenient if you have forgotten to turn of the unit or if you want to turn on the unit remotely.

mobiele app