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In modern hotels there are not only high requirements for cooling, ventilation and heating of air and water, also the connection to hotel management systems is getting more important.

The systems which Unitherm supplies are being integrated effortless with the hotel management systems. This means that if customers check out the rooms will return to the basic climate and if customers check in the rooms will go to an active mode. Because of this the customer always has the right climate and no energy is spilled. There are also special control units available which allow for easy control of the equipment.

Supply possibilities

  • Heating pump systems with waste recovery of hot or cold gas
  • Cooling and heating units in the rooms and common areas
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery for energy saving.
  • Cooling and freezing solutions for the kitchen and the restaurant
  • Floor heating

Hot tap water

Besides the possibilities to supply total solutions for cooling, ventilating and heating, we can also supply the hot water necessities for the entire hotel through modern CO2 heating pump systems.