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For cooling store units from small to big we can offer integrated and energy efficient solutions for cooling, ventilating and heating. Because Unitherm is a refrigeration technology company, we can also potentially supply cooling and freezing units or furniture suitable for cooling and freezing.

Integrated solutions:

With modern heating pump cooling machines there are solutions available which connects more users with different settings to one machine. That’s how we are able to offer total solutions for these examples:

  • Air curtains at the entrance which can cool and heat
  • Cooling and heating units in stores, mostly cassette or satellite units which maintain a balanced temperature over the entire surface
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery for energy saving
  • Cooled displays, showcases and cooling and freezing islands
  • Floor heating


To give your store the appearance you want we are able to offer you many examples with making the right choices in regards to design and feeling.

Energy saving technology: VRF systems offer a total solution which exchanges energy flows between spaces creating large energy savings.

There is a large variety of indoor units available which are all effective and silent.