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In general there are a lot of wall and floor units in the private home sector. The emphasis is mostly on economical solutions and a silent functioning of the main components. The system needs to be highly reliable and have a low usage.

Unitherm uses equipment of the market leaders in the field of airconditioning in order for you to be able to rely on the best available technology.

Integrated solutions

With the modern heat pump units there are interesting total solutions available for the entire home’s necessities of warmth and cold including your tap water:

  • Direct extinguishing cool and heating units in the houses
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery to save energy
  • Floor heating units which feeds the floor heating or low temperature radiators
  • Tap water systems with boiler that can reach temperatures above 65 ˚C


We can help you to make sure that the appearance of your equipment is in line with the interior design of your house, to camouflage the equipment as well as possible.

Where it is possible we can design the systems in a way that some elements are a bit more visible to create a industrial design feeling.

Energy saving technology: VRF systems offer a total solution which exchanges energy flows between spaces creating large energy savings.

There is a large variety of indoor units available which are all effective and silent.