Ice production systems


Extend the preservation date with the right storage conditions

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Ice production systems

Unitherm represents Recom-ice for the supply and installation of a wide range consisting of ice production and ice storage systems. These systems can be supplied turnkey.

Flake ice machines:

  • Capacities between 3,000 kg and 60,000 kg every 24h. These machines are available as air cooled or water cooled systems
  • These machines are also suitable for aboard on ships
  • Special storage and emission for flake ice

Slurry ice machines are very easily usable:

  • Capacities between 5,000 en 25,000 kg/h
  • With minimal saline injection or usable with sea water

We also offer standardised ice machines for the production of plates of ice, tubes of ice and cubes of ice. Mostly these machines consists of all components, so directly usable.

Unitherm-koeltechniek-toepassingen-ijssystemen-1 Recom Flake Ice machine
 Recom Slurry Ice machine REC-logo-600x1001