Long term storage


Extend the preservation date with the right storage conditions

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Long term storage

Products for ULO storage:

Unitherm is able to provide you with the supply and installation of ULO preservation systems which makes it possible to preserve many products for a very long time. The following products are examples of products whose preservation date can be extended dramatically: apples, pears, grapes, berries, kiwis, mangos, white cabbage, green cabbage etc.

Technische solutions

Special systems such as CO2 absorbents and nitrogen generators, make sure that the composition of the air is changed. This is done by altering the levels of oxygen, nitrogen and carbondioxide.

Design and execution of cooling units

We are also able to make sure that the preservation rooms are air sealed. With the realisation of the project, we can supply you with air sealed doors and we can make sure that the wall connectors are finished air sealed.


Regeltechniek afgestemd

To guarantee good functionality of the ULO systems with the rest of the cooling units, we will integrate the regulation of these systems partially or entirely with the cooling installation.