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Climate tailor-made

In our philosophy a user of an installation benefits the most from a product that is made to fulfill his specific requirements. The creation of a sound technical design is one of the most important conditions to satisfy our customers. The extra care at the beginning of a project pays itself back by having to do less changes and aftercare afterwards, because the user of the installation is guaranteed of the right living climate.

Internal climate

The scope of installations is very wide. The main focus is climate control. Within this discipline Unitherm is able to offer many installations who take care of the control of the internal climate, within the industry but also within office areas.

  • central air treatment
  • cool and heat generation
  • heat pumps
  • airconditioning
  • heat recovery
  • close control units (temperature, humidity, oder and dust control)
  • ventilation systems


Unitherm klimaattechniek producten koelmachines

Cooling units

For a central cooling unit that provides a building or process with cold or heat requirements, reliability and energy usage are key elements.

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Unitherm klimaattechniek producten luchtbehandeling en ventilatie

Air treatment and ventilation

Ventilation supplies fresh air. Air supplies oxygen. Oxygen is life.

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Unitherm klimaattechniek producten industriele luchtbehandeling en ventilatie

Industrial air treatment

For the industry other conditions apply in regards to dirt load, temperatures, reliability and system parameters.

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Unitherm klimaattechniek producten warmte terug winning

Heat recovery

For optimising energy flows within a factory or office to minimise energy usage, Unitherm can provide assistance with..

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Unitherm klimaattechniek producten data centre koeling

Data center cooling

Unitherm supplies innovative solutions for cooling data centers and server areas.

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