Data Center Cooling


Controlling of temperature, humidity, odor and dust

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Data Center Cooling

Unitherm supplies innovative solutions for cooling data centers and server areas.


  • Precision Cooling:
    • rack-to-roof cooling
    • chillers
    • SmartAisle™ containment
  • Racks and integrated panels: PDU, network units, IT units
  • Electrical overload control
  • Circuit & control
  • Services: design, installation, starting services, project management, training, preventive maintenance, service contracts, extended warranties, surveillance services
  • UPS systems

Core values with cooling of data centers

  • Safety and reliability: Because of the interruption risk in the case of outages we spend a lot of care to the design of cooling installations. Possibly, systems can be implemented 100{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924} redundant.
  • Energy efficiency: The cooling of data centers is a non-stop process and therefore uses a lot of energy. Unitherm is able to make the most out of available technologies as a system integrator to provide you with the most favourable energy consumption available.
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