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Air treatment and ventilation

Ventilation supplies fresh air. Air supplies oxygen. Oxygen is life.

In other words the climate inside is being improved considerably by fresh air supply. Especially when there are many people in one area, a lot of oxygen gets consumed and a lot of CO2 gets produced. This can introduce “polution” of the climate which causes headaches and concentration issues. Good ventilation also drains too much moisture which prevents moisture issues and molds.

The following air treatment and ventilation systems are readily available for supply:

  • Supply system based on 100{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924} outdoor air optionally with cooling and heating
  • Supply and drain systems with heat recovery
  • Draft free air supply systems
  • Various materials and various channel systems
  • Various air supply grills
  • Turn-key including cooling, heating and control
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