Climatising micro environment


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Climatising micro environment

Through our knowledge of climate control we have constructed various projects in which we had to provide small spaces with a micro environment.

The appliances are:

  • Conservation of products which are sensitive to temperature and humidity in automatic storage units
  • Conservation of museum pieces in conditioned showcases
  • Special climate spaces for propagation and cultivation


  • Constant temperatures, setpoint values between -25˚C en +40˚C
  • Constant humidity, setpoint values between 2{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924} en 99{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924}
  • Very high filtration rate
  • Nitrogen conversation for storage of products sensitive to corrosion


  • Micro electronics
  • Pharmaceutical material
  • DNA material
  • Labels
  • Composite material and pigments
  • Samples food industry
  • Blood samples
Unitherm-klimaattechniek-toepassingen-klimatisering-micro-omgeving-1 Unitherm-klimaattechniek-toepassingen-klimatisering-micro-omgeving