Cooling and freezing technology


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Cooling and freezing technology

Our systems are always custom made, which means we are able to talk about your preferences in regards to investments, energy consumption and regulation possibilities.

On top of that, we will also consult you with important design specifications such as:

Hygiëne (HACCP)

Installations which are implemented in the pharmaceutical industry and in the food industry, the production area has to be designed with a focus on a guarantee of maximum hygiene.


Environment and safety

The most recent technologies and the regulations as being used by the government.

There is still a lot of saving to be done!

Every user of a cooling system knows how much energy is required to cool or to freeze. In many companies such as in the food industry or in the storage of products industry, the cooling process of products builds up 80{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924} of the total energy bill. Unitherm is able to help you save money, with new and existing installations.
These savings are done by:

  • Regulation technologies: With the current available programmable control systems we are able to
    actively alter system values to what is needed. We can alter pressure differences and limit running time of the system.
  • System design: By making the right choices, one system is able to use 20{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924}-25{93ce1273c9eaa7a636285fefb644cf903856ebe317e739acb98b627bd4bf0924} less energy than another system with the same capacity. This starts by making the right choices of the design.
  • Modern regulation components such as electronic expansion valves and pressure regulators
  • Selection of the right refrigerant
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