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Extend the preservation date with the right storage conditions

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The product to preserve is key.

All technologies available are being used to preserve your product. We focus on maximising quality and shelf life.

For cooled storage of products knowledge of refrigeration technology is sufficient. That’s why Unitherm focuses specifically of the climate of the products in question. Because we guarantee hygiene, stable moisture levels and stable temperature levels, our customers are able to focus on their primary processes. We will make sure that the necessary preservation conditions are set and maintained.

unitherm koeltechniek bloemen en planten bewaring

Flowers & plants preservation

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unitherm koeltechniek bewaring van groente en fruit

Preservation of vegetables and fruit

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unitherm koeltechniek ijsproductie systemen

Ice production systems

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unitherm koeltechniek lange termijn bewaring

Long term preservation

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unitherm koeltechniek glastuinbouw


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